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Proud Mama, Integrative Frequency Medicine Practitioner, Quantum Medicine Woman, Educator and Holistic Living Demystifier Who's Not Afraid to Talk About Poop, Prayer or Psychic Children

But I didn't always feel this confident about multi- dimensional health. I started as a scared mother who was fortunate to have a degree, a license and a heritage that allowed me access to some incredible healing circles and mentors. I am fully aware that not everyone has the same access, time or propensity to  acquire the same knowledge which is why I created a new type of practice.

Rather than traditional top down, marching orders type of care still present in alternative medicine, I opted to create a practice based on education and empowerment. As the old saying goes, teaching someone to fish is more impactful then simply giving them a fish. Radical as it sounds to some colleagues, I believe that everyone can heal themselves, no degree required.

Needless to say, my enthusiasm led to learning multiple modalities over the years. Here are some of them:

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Registered Nurse, MSN

Starting my health care career in Western medicine was a blessing. First, it gave me a variety of experiences that allowed me to hold space for people in all stages of health or illness. Second, having this intimate knowledge allowed me to ultimately see how holistic health was the right move for my family. My portfolio as a registered nurse has included critical care, emergency care, respiratory, maternity, cardiac, radiology, pain management, spine and neurology, outpatient clinic services, field midwife, volunteering, and more.

When I pursued my Master of Science in Nursing, I wanted to learn more about the psychology and ethics for bringing people back into a state of health. I didn't know it at the time but my work then gave me a deep understanding of change management and supporting people through behavior modification which is one of the cornerstones of my current practice. 

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Doctoral Student:

PhD in Quantum Physics, Neuroscience & Ancient Healing Modalities

In between caring for patients and my own kiddos, I opted to pursue a very unique doctorate degree. One on the cutting edge of how healing is viewed and applied. This perfectly marries my love of frequency based medicine and the evolution of human consciousness within the field of neuroscience. It's where I get to nerd out and then bring these new insights back to my clients. 

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Certified Frequency Medicine

Building Biology Practitioner

A unique modality known as Contact Reflex Analysis which was brought to the world through Dr. Dick Versendaal DC. It is a way to use kinesiology in combination with subtle energy locations of the body to both identify and address areas of dysfunction or dis-ease. It allows the practitioner a unique window into the body that is far beyond the scope of most modern medical testing. CRA is a manual modality done without equipment which makes it ideal for children. I utilize CPK (another form of manual frequency medicine) as well.

An important foundational piece for all of us is a healthy, non-toxic home. In Building Biology, our home is referred to as our "third skin" with our clothing being our second. I use this framework and education to help you improve your physical environment to foster a healthy and healing home or workspace. We address things like non-toxic paints, reducing mold growth, mitigating EMF, and remodels or new builds for health.

Quantum Medicine Woman

A very unexpected part of my journey and re-education process was diving into the metaphysical realms of healing. Returning to my Native ancestry and through mentorship of Indigenous healing and shamanic practices, I witnessed other layers of healing that are not within our current perceptual fields. Being the left-brained researcher that I am, I found the wisdom of modern quantum physics and the discoveries of neuroscience all shine credibility to the sacred healing practices of so many ancient civilizations which I am proud to offer in our current times.

and that was just the beginning... 

I spent thousands of hours researching, studying, re-training and flying all over the world to learn alongside experts in holistic health, conscious medicine, ancient healing methods and even some woo-woo work, leaving no stone left unturned.  Merging it all together and continuing to learn more each day. When you work with me, you don't get just one thing. You get a detox expert, frequency medicine, a medicine woman and an exponential health coach but let's not forget my practical experience of how to apply all of this with tantrums, a picky eater and bed time routines. You're going to need strategy to help you through the application of health practices in real life, which is so fun!


Neuro-Spiritual Counseling

Quantum Kinesiology & Bodywork

Functional Medicine

& Nutrition

(NET) Neuro-Emotional Technique & Somatic Release

Detox Therapy for All Ages


Energetic Healing

Herbalism & Traditional Chinese Medicine


NLP & Conscious Neuroplasticity

Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression

Nervous System Regulation Training


You're a good fit if...

You recognize the modern Western health system is broken and you're looking for a different, more sustainable, more holistic way to transform the physical, mental, and energetic health of your household.






let's talk

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health and lifestyle with me, you will never be treated with assumptions, judgments, or pre-conceived notions. All families are beautiful and valid, and all bodies deserve to thrive. Your comfort and vulnerability are an important part of this process, so if there's any way I can help create an environment of ease and welcoming, I'm here to make it happen.

While many of my health participants are mothers, I'm committed to offering care for ALL individuals and parents. This is a safe space for gender fluid, trans, non-binary, LGBTQIA+, blended and BIPOC individuals and families. During our time together, we'll work with spiritual concepts, but I am not religiously affiliated. When you make the investment in your


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